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What makes PA the best choice for E&P information?

Petroleum Abstracts is the world's leading information source for published knowledge related to oil and gas exploration, production, transportation and storage.

To keep pace with state-of-the art E&P concepts and practices, PA provides comprehensive, focused coverage of E&P information published worldwide.

Every week, material relevant to the upstream sector of the petroleum industry is selected, abstracted and indexed by PA's petroleum engineers and geoscientists.

This material comes from 302 journals and more than 200 conference proceedings, plus patent gazettes and full-text patents, government documents and reports, dissertations, books, maps and other sources, many of which are unavailable on the Internet and would be cost-prohibitive for any one company to acquire and process.

Fifty weeks per year, the Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin provides a concise, convenient overview of this information. The Bulletin contains over 700 items each week.

Bulletin material is delivered by e-mail and can be posted on a network for access throughout a subscribing company or organization. All Bulletin entries are in English, but PA selects from material published around the world in 32 languages.

PA's online TULSA database contains more than one million Bulletin entries, indexed using a controlled vocabulary of terms for precise retrieval. Subscribers can search TULSA on a pay-per-use basis or arrange for annual, fixed-fee access.

To help searchers pinpoint information online, PA offers Bricks, a comprehensive web-based search aids package, which allows subscribers to access PA's extensive controlled-vocabulary thesaurus.

Workshops are offered to explain the controlled vocabulary used in indexing Petroleum Abstracts and teach effective search methods.

PA can provide any available full-text document cited in the Bulletin or in TULSA. Petroleum Abstracts Document Delivery Service (PADDS) delivers documents by e-mail, fax or mail. PADDS also can provide documents from the extensive holdings at The University of Tulsa.

For help in finding petroleum-related information, Petroleum Abstracts Search Service (PASS) conducts fee-based, online searches.

Founded in 1961, Petroleum Abstracts has become the petroleum industry's preeminent information resource for coverage of E&P-related scientific and technical knowledge. To be more efficient, more knowledgeable and more competitive, join the thousands of E&P professionals who make PA their Global Information Partner. Contact Us!