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Annual Subscriptions

Annual search license fees for the Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin and TULSA are based on the petroleum-related assets of the subscribing company or organization, or on annual revenues for small companies or consultants. Educational institutions and government agencies receive special rates.

Either an individual or enterprise-wide annual subscription to the web-based search aids package, Bricks, is available to PA subscribers.

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Subscription Policies, Terms and Conditions

  • Subscription Period
    Subscriptions are on a calendar-year basis, from January 1 through December 31. Subscriptions not renewed by December 31 for the following year are subject to termination.
  • Subscription Agreements
    Every subscriber must sign and return the appropriate Petroleum Abstracts subscription agreement(s). PA will not initiate a subscription without the signed agreement(s) on file.

    PA reserves the right to accept or reject any subscription order and to cancel any subscription when, in its opinion, a subscriber has violated the terms of the subscription.

  • Payment
    Petroleum Abstracts requires payment before delivering products or authorizing access to its databases.

    Payment terms are Net 60 Days. If payment is not received within 60 days from the date of invoice, a finance charge of 1% per month (12% per year) will be added to the total unpaid balance, at the discretion of The University of Tulsa.

    Subscription fees can be paid:

    • By bank draft drawing on a U.S. bank
    • By credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover)
    • By an international money order payable in U.S. dollars
    • By direct wire transfer of funds

    Payment must be inclusive of bank or wire charges. Customers are responsible for all tariff, customs and taxes connected with delivery of Petroleum Abstracts' products and services.

  • Cancellation
    Subscription cancellations must be in writing. If cancellation notice is received prior to January 1 of the subscription year, a refund of 100% of the paid annual subscription fee will be made. If cancellation notice is received after January 1 but prior to April 1, a 50% refund will be made.

    Cancellations received after April 1 will apply to the following subscription year, and no refund will be made.

  • Basis of Rates
    Corporate subscription rates are based on the subscribing company's petroleum-related assets. For national petroleum companies, or in a country where no private petroleum company operates, rates are based on the country's annual boe (barrels-of-oil equivalent) production.

    Subscription rates for Groups C and D (companies and not-for-profit institutions) and Groups E and F (educational and government institutions) are available only in countries where a Petroleum Abstracts Major Subscriber already exists or no company meets the criteria for a Major Subscriber.

    If there is no Major Subscriber, the organization must subscribe at a rate based on the annual boe production of the country, as applicable.

  • Subsidiaries and Divisions
    For a subsidiary owned more than 50% by a parent corporation, subscription rates will be based on the petroleum-related assets of the parent. Any subsidiary owned more than 50% is permitted to share in its parent corporation's subscription.

    However, a publicly traded company that is partly owned by a Major Subscriber must pay an annual subscription fee based on its petroleum-related assets and percentage of public ownership.

  • Price Quotations
    Upon request, Petroleum Abstracts will provide a full price quotation for services and additional material specified.
  • Price and Schedule Changes
    Prices are subject to change without notice. Although PA will make every attempt to hold to prices shown, occasional changes in costs, particularly on special items, may require PA to pass on such costs.

    PA's products and services offerings, descriptions and delivery schedules also are subject to change without notice.

  • Information Brokers
    Information brokers must purchase a special search license and sign a broker's agreement to perform searches of Petroleum Abstracts' online databases for clients.
  • Back Issues and Claims
    Any claim for a Petroleum Abstracts publication must be made within six months of the date of distribution of the publication in question.

    Publications claimed after six months will be considered back issues and replaced for a fee, subject to availability.

  • Subscription Proration
    Search licenses for new Major Subscribers can be prorated by dividing the total license cost by 12 and multiplying the result by the number of months of use the subscriber will receive in the calendar year.

    Online access will begin as soon as payment and the signed license agreements are received.

  • Limitations
    All Petroleum Abstracts material and related publications, and records retrieved from PA's databases are limited to the in-house use of the subscriber, and may not be redistributed to third parties without PA's written consent. Petroleum Abstracts does not warrant against copyright infringement.
  • Choice of Law
    These policies shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Oklahoma, which shall be the forum for any lawsuits arising under these policies or incident hereto. The parties stipulate that venue is proper in a Court of competent jurisdiction in Tulsa County, Oklahoma and each party waives any objection to such venue.

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