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Yearly subscriptions are available for the weekly Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin, the online TULSA database, and the web-based search aids product, Bricks.

Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin

Petroleum Abstracts contains abstracts of the woldwide technical literature pertaining to petroleum exploration and production. Journals, patent gazettes, full-text patents, proceedings, standards, books, dissertations, and government reports are reviewed. An experienced staff of petroleum engineers and geoscientists selects, indexes, and abstracts information contained in each item.

Bulletin subscribers receive material by e-mail 50 weeks per year, in their choice of formats. Subscribers may elect to receive either the entire Bulletin, or to receive various record subsets based on user interest profiles. An annual subscription allows distribution of Bulletin material to all subscriber employees and locations.

The Bulletin is the flagship of the Petroleum Abstracts product line. It has been published continuously since 1961 and has remained the preeminent technical awareness tool for professionals in the upstream petroleum industry. Each issue carries abstracts organized into the following categories:

Well Logging
Well Completion & Servicing
Production of Oil & Gas
Reservoir Engineering & Recovery Methods
Pipelining, Shipping & Storage
Alternate Fuels & Energy Sources
Business & Economics
Health, Safety & Environment
Science & Engineering


As each issue of the Bulletin is produced, the same material (with an expanded set of index terms) is added to an online file, the TULSA database. This database, growing at a rate of about 40,000 entries per year, contains more than 1 million Petroleum Abstracts entries dating from 1965. It also includes the Oil and Gas Fields Bibliography, a subfile of earlier references for oil and gas fields around the world. Access to the full TULSA database with abstracts requires the purchase of an annual search license.

TULSA can be accessed through several online vendor services.


The Petroleum Abstracts Dictionary is the taxonomy tool that supports the indexing and subsequent retrieval of the articles and patents processed by Petroleum Abstracts. Under development for over 40 years, the Dictionary is a world standard for oilfield technical terminology.

The Dictionary actually consists of the following components:

  • The Exploration and Production Thesaurus. A compilation of relevant E&P technical index terms and their relationships, covering the categories outlined in the Petroleum Abstracts Bulletin.
  • The Geographic Thesaurus. A listing of sedimentary basins, geographic features, and geographic area terms and their relationships.
  • Geographic Supplement. A compilation of names of formations, groups, series, oil fields, anticlines, faults, counties, and similar terms not included in the Geographic Thesaurus proper.
  • Company List. Terms for indexing company and organization names.
  • Chemical List. Terms for indexing specific chemical names.
  • The E&P KWOC (Key Word Out of Context). An alphabetical listing of the words comprising the index terms in the E&P Thesaurus. Used as an aid in locating E&P index terms.
  • The Geographic KWOC. An alphabetical listing of the words comprising the index terms in the Geographic Thesaurus. Used as an aid in locating geographic index terms.
  • The Term Frequency List. A compilation of every term used in the TULSA database and the number of times those terms were used.

Previously, these components (Search Aids) were distributed in paper form at various times and with various frequencies of update. Extensively used by the indexers at Petroleum Abstracts and by customers who search the TULSA database, these components are currently combined in one web-based product, Petroleum Abstracts' Online Search Aids package, WorldWide Bricks.

When new terms are selected for inclusion into the dictionary, Bricks is immediately updated, assuring that it is always up-to-date. Individual as well as enterprise-wide annual subscriptions are available to Petroleum Abstracts or TULSA subscribers.